Monday, May 30, 2011

Vision Eye Malaysia Tour

Wassup... k ni we all nak share skit bout our event on September.. 1st we all nak memperkenalkan this one of the finest bands in Indonesia.. 
Welcoming our bro VISION EYES to MALAYSIA. on 24 and 25 September 2011 
and also our friends Stereoloud Agencies.. Welcome to Malaysia guys.... 
Untuk tour mereka kali ini akan diadakan di dua tempat iaitu di Kuala Lumpur (24 September) dan juga Pulau Pinang (25 September). juga yang akan menemani mereka nanti terdiri daripada local2 bands Malaysia yang akan di beritahu nanti. segala maklumat mengenai gigs ini akan di beritahu kelak.
Untuk mana fans2 yang masih kurang mengenali mereka boleh la mendengarkan lagu mereka dan mengenali mereka dengan lebih dekat di :

dan juga boleh download lagu mereka di :
Hope we all dapat memberikan semua info dalam masa yang terdekat and anything you guys bleh check event link di facebook : 
 wait for our info and hope we can bring all the fun and joy to you guys..

ini sedikit biodata mengenai mereka...
Release Date
Metal / Hardcore
Band Member :

Herza Nugraha - Vocals

Mael - Guitars

Reza Budi Satria - Guitars

Ardi Triansyah - Bass

Darwin Mulyawan Nasution - Drums


Gilang - 085711639373

Road Manager :
Ibar - 085719129666



Booking Agent @ StereoLoud

Record Label
Off The Records / Evolve
Email us : Indonesian Booking : 085711639373 / 081808291116 Worldwide Booking : Shaun@Facedown Promotions 512-590-9848
Combine between metallic, heavy and precisely guitars also remarkable anthem with emotional hardcore shouting that honest from the heart, which is introducing a new style of post - modern, destructive metallic blow with sense of heaviness, harmony, and melodic without ever denying their very basic foundation of metal and hardcore roots as their tradition since 1999 / 2000.
Vision Eyes is an Indonesian metalcore based from Jakarta. Founded in late of 1999 by vocalist Herza Nugraha after he resigned from his hardcore band " Fury Fist ", lead guitarist Rudy, rhythm guitarist Jaya, bassist Teguh, and drummer Danny. The title of the band was taken by their favourite metal / hardcore band that time, which are " Vision Of Disorder " and " Eyelid ".

At the Beginning, Vision Eyes was a simple hardcore band at their very basic foundation but during early 2001, they had... (read more)
Current Location
Indonesia, Jakarta
General Manager
Herza Nugraha
Booking Agent
Facedown Promotions ( USA and Worldwide ) : 512 590 9848 / Deathindie ( Indonesia ) : 085711639373
Press Contact
Riza For Stereoloud Media : 081808291116
Artists We Also Like
All Musician
Band Interests

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