Thursday, June 9, 2011

Welcoming Carthreena Band

Welcoming Carthreena to Protege Entertainment family...

Welcoming Carthreena Band to Protege Entertainment Family officially on 9 June 2011. Hope the band will go more success on their Carrier and their journey. Here a Lil'Bit review about Carthreena band that we prepare for you guys.. Contact us for Booking and info..

Band Mate :
Nhajril Ayen - Vocal / Guitar 
Naz Mikanaz - Bass / Backup Vocal
Nhajrul Boy - Drum / Percussion

Juan Khatib - Photographer
Shoodoc Meor - Videographer
Pore Killjoy Ambrose - Instruments Tech




Carthreena was formed around the nucleus of guitarist & vocalist,Nhajril Ayin and drummer Nhajrul Boy in Penang several years ago.In March 2009,Naz Mikanaz came to add the missing part as a bassist in the band.Carthreena start seriously plays their music when they enter Battle of the Band in Penang.Unexpected,they won 2nd place and that really catalyzed their spirit to go further with their own music. In early July 2009,Carthreena worked so hard to produce their own music and every songs they played was masterminded and scream-out-loud vociferously by Nhajril Ayin,maintain in beat by Nhajrul Boy,kept the sustainably low-end strings by Naz Mikanaz.Now,with ups and downs in the band,their music keep goes on and Carthreena still in full throttle to go further..


  1. abg mikanaz rock~~

  2. Buat Yg Terbaek abg Naz...


  3. saya mahu semuaaa!!!

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